1. anticishet:

    if you misgender a trans person just because you’re mad at them you are 100% a piece of filth.

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  2. antitheticalstrings:

    Romeo And Juliet

    Romeo Or Juliet

    Romeo Not Juliet

    Romeo Nand Juliet

    Romeo Xnor Juliet

    ƒ(Romeo) = Romeo² + JulietRomeo


  3. Oh right I’ve had an ask about the Circle sitting in my inbox forever and I ought to get on it.


  4. Also, I’ve started (slowly) watching Romeo x Juliet.  Between this and Romeo + Juliet I’m starting to get the feeling that the best adaptations of that play are expressed as mathematical operations.


  5. There are a lot of great anime series that miss out on perfection by virtue of not having Kana Hanazawa in their voice acting cast.

  7. kyubox-incubox:

    Either someone didn’t think this Mami Tomoe lighter’s design through properly or they knew exactly what they were doing.

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    *And I’m Home playing in the background* because I’m a loser

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    a Rui for Henrie's birthday! i hope it's been a good one!

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  12. durendals:

    it’s 2014 and people still can’t tell the difference between a human woman choosing to wear something revealing and a male character designer choosing to draw a female character in something revealing

    like seriously these are not at all the same thing why are we still having this conversation

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  13. unpretty:

    say what you will about fangirls but when someone says ‘fangirling’ i think of excitement and unbridled glee and undignified noises of delight but when someone says ‘fanboying’ i think of impotent rage and insecurity and disproportionate aggression

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  15. Persepolis (2007) - dir. Marjane Satrapi & Vincent Paronnaud

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