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    Azura - from sunset to sunrise

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    I only dance Free…

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    Transparent Lipgloss Gif (lipgloss matches colour of your blog)

    i swear i have reblogged this today like sooo many times, its so nice 

    i love this

    i cant even stop watching this

    such smooth

    very lips


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  7. Oh!  Me too!


  8. matchstickprincess said: Hi, I'm a massive fan of the series, and was wondering, given that the Tevinter Imperium is a magocracy, what their attitude toward something like the Rite of Tranquility would be like?


    They like it! “Abuse of Magic” is a charge that can mean so many things in Tevinter, and, since Tranquility is the ultimate punishment to mages, it’s an excellent threat with which to keep them in line.

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  9. Random Dwarf Fortress moments:

    "You jump out of the Farmer’s fight path!"


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    The surgeries also caused an Arachnoid Cyst (graphic surgery example video at link) to form on my spinal cord. This cyst is slowly taking away my ability to walk. I can no longer run, jump, or wear anything other than flat shoes. I am on the verge of needing a cane.

    There’s nothing more my doctors can do. Even if I have surgery to remove the Cyst it’ll just come back again (like the last time I had it removed…) I’m in physical therapy but it hasn’t helped at all with my neurological problems.

    I am on Government Disability (SSI) and live on $710 a month (the maximum possible amount). I rent a room in my elderly Grandmother’s home. I owe more than $20,000 in student loans for an Associates Degree (Business) I will never be able to use. I can only afford to pay $100 a month toward that debt. Because Student Loans can never be forgiven by bankruptsy I will be paying them off the next 16+ years.

    When I think of my future, it’s hard enough without the massive looming $20,000 in dept. With it it just seems hopeless. I’m at wit’s end.


  11. Mama stopping Papa from swimming.

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    so for some reason hershey’s thinks that golden apples would be great to sell as valentine’s candy


    so i got one and wrote this on top:


    and left it on a table in the studio


    less than five minutes later people were fighting about it

    my plan has thus far been a success

    I love you

    you do realize this is how the trojan war started right

    this is definitely how the college au of the iliad starts

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  13. "He who fights with monsters should be careful he doesn’t become a monster himself. Unless that makes him more effective at fighting monsters. Like he becomes a badass werewolf who knows how to use a sword and has magic armor. That’d be so rad."
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